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What To Expect When Hanging Out With Lucy...
  • Techniques that REALLY work - Unique methods developed by Lucy and exclusively for women like you...
  • Real and Honest - Lucy brings the raw truth mixed in with lots of laughter - no BS!
  • Long term change - Lucy's methods change you at a subconscious level, so the change will last. 
  • Belong to the RYI Sistas! - be supported by our awesome community of women...
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 Featured RYI 12 Week Course - Online
  Lucy has developed her unique programs and systems over the past 10 years and has tailor-made them exclusively for women. Lucy's system is a unique combination of hypnotherapy, structured learnings, counselling and creative work, and isn't found anywhere else. It is literally rocking the hypnotherapy world! And with her own personal spin on how you can Rock Your Imperfect, Lucy will help you achieve lasting change at a subconscious level.
Here's What Others Have Experienced With Lucy's Programs

"Just Amazing!" - Carly&Tresne

Lucy was exactly what we needed! We were the happiest we have ever been while we were doing her course and have gone back to her again and again for support and learnings. An amazing teacher x

"What an amazing journey..." - Amanda

With Lucy's strength, guidance and professionalism I felt so safe, loved, supported, comforted and accepted.

"I can't recommend this 12 week course enough!" - Pamela

What an amazing ride! I honestly think every woman should do this course, you will be truly amazed at what you learn about yourself.
Be part of a community that reminds you that YOU ARE MORE THAN ENOUGH...
  • Get off the sidelines
  • Be Your Own Hero
  • Lift Your Head Up
  • Own Your Mistakes
  • Live Your Life
  • Live an Unapologetic Life
  • Own Your Imperfect Mothering
  • Be Vulnerable
  • Rock Your Imperfect Every Day
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